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RNG Contact: Adding an email field

RNG Contacts are regular Drupal entities, which come with the ability to add fields. To allow the contact entity to emulate the anonymous users found in Entity Registration for Drupal 7, you can add an email field to the contact type. Email fields are also required in order to determine which address to send emails.

Email field on RNG Contact entity


The email field comes with Drupal 8, there is no need to install additional modules.

Add the email field

  1. Go to 'RNG Contact Type' list (Home » Administration » Structure » Contact types). Select 'Manage fields' operation adjacent to the contact type you wish to add the field.
  2. Click 'Add field' button.
  3. Under 'Add a new field', select 'Email'. Click 'Save and continue'.

Configure the contact for sending email

  1. Go to RNG Contact settings (Home » Administration » Configuration » RNG Contact settings).
  2. Under 'Email field', select the name of the email field added in previous steps. Click 'Save configuration'

Configure email field on RNG Contact entity for Courier