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RNG Quick Start

This is a quick guide to getting RNG set up.

RNG is an event management module for Drupal 8 created in the spirit of Entity Registration (Drupal 7) and Signup (Drupal 6). Users can create registrations for events, and event managers can manage these registrations.

Updated November 15th, 2016 for RNG 1.3


RNG requires Drupal 8.1 or later. Download RNG and its dependencies: Dynamic Entity Reference, Unlimited Number, and Courier.


drush dl rng && drush en rng --y

Drupal Console

drupal moi rng #or
drupal moi rng --composer


composer require drupal/rng


Add Event Type

Once installed and enabled, an Event Type must be created. Go to the event type configuration page at Admin » Structure » Event types.

  1. Click Add event type button.
  2. Select Create a new content type. The Node module must be enabled for this option to appear. It can be enabled at Admin » Extend.
  3. Select a default registrant type.
  4. Allow the user entity type to register.
  5. Save the form

Add event type

Add Registration Type

A registration type is a template for the form the user will fill when registering for an event. You need at least one registration type to enable new registrations. Go to the registration type configuration page at Admin » Structure » Registration types.

  1. Click Add registration type button.
  2. Assign a label to the registration type.
  3. Save the form

Add registration type

Create an Event

To test everything is working, create a new event. If your event type is a Node, navigate to Create content and add a new node.

Add registration type

An Event tab will appear after saving your event.

Minimum configuration for allowing new registrations on an event:

  • Accepting new registrations
  • Set Registration type to any available option.

Add registration type

After saving these options, a Register tab will on the event page.


RNG includes permissions which affect ability for users to register. Change permissions prefixed with "Register ".

RNG user permissions